WRAS Approval

July 30, 2020

WRAS approval for the newly re-designed Nova-Flo unit has been granted. 

The new unit shares the same award-winning design as our original Nova-Flo flood prevention device but with changes made to the side valve connections.  Whereas the original Nova-Flo incorporates push-fit fittings to the side valves, which are plumbed to the tap supplies, the new unit features ¾” BSP threaded connections.

The changes made to the unit were largely in response to user feedback, with a number of clients preferring to use threaded connections instead of push-fit alternatives.  The new connections should still allow for relatively easy installation, even when retro-fitting, with flexible hoses still recommend for connection to the lower ports.

For more information about the new unit, please click here to view the Technical Specification Guide.

A copy of our WRAS approval certificate can be seen here.