Hotel Chain Specifies Nova-Flo

April 30, 2019

An international hotel chain has recently become one of a growing number of organizations operating within the hospitality sector to specify Nova-Flo. 

Nova-Flo, an entirely mechanical flood prevention device, will be fitted to bathroom suites as part of their development and regeneration plans to eradicate the risk of water escape from overflowing baths.  Incorporating Nova-Flo into their plans not only helps to prevent damage caused by bathroom floods, which often affect multiple floors, it will protect rental income that would otherwise be lost and contribute towards their environmental strategy.

Installing a flood prevention device that consumes no power has obvious benefits when one considers the carbon footprint of replacing damaged furniture, carpets, flooring and any fixtures or fittings that may have been exposed to water ingress.  But Nova-Flo is more than just a flood prevention device!  Because it shuts off the tap supplies as soon as the water level reaches the overflow it prevents heated water going to waste, thus reducing water consumption and conserving the energy that would otherwise be wasted!

If you’re interested in specifying Nova-Flo for a hotel project or would like more information on the product, please call our office on 01608 811707.