Frequently asked Questions

How much does Nova-Flo cost and where can I buy one?

The recommended retail price of Nova-Flo is £99.00 + VAT and it is sold through an approved network of plumbing merchants and bathroom showrooms.  The recommended retail price for the Nova-Flo fixing pack is £39.95 + VAT for the Push-fit variant and £44.95 + VAT for the compression variant.  For details of your nearest supplier click here or call our sales helpline on 01608 811707.  

Won’t my overflow stop my bath from flooding?
In recent times homeowners and businesses have taken action to improve water pressure. Overflows are rarely able to cope and can quickly become overwhelmed even in relatively slow filling baths and basins. Installing Nova-Flo can remove the risk of this type of water escape whilst also reducing water and energy consumption by stopping hot water pouring down the overflow
Can I install it myself?

Although Nova-Flo is designed to make installation as straight-forward as possible we recommend using a competent plumber.  To ensure compatibility of fittings we recommend all installers use one of the Nova-Flo fixing packs.  For details of the fixing packs click here 

Do I need an electrical supply?
Nova-Flo is fully mechanical in operation.  It uses magnetically activated valves to shut off the water supply to taps when the water level reaches the overflow and automatically resets when the taps are turned to the closed position.  No electrical connections or batteries are required.
Can I retro-fit Nova-Flo on my existing bath?
Nova-Flo is relatively straight-forward to retro-fit although it’s easiest to fit Nova-Flo at the same time as a new bath. 
Will I need to change my taps?
Nova-Flo ought to fit easily with almost all bath and tap configurations so replacement taps shouldn’t be required.  Please take a look at our instruction manual for more details.
What do I need to do once Nova-Flo is installed?
Enjoy the peace of mind Nova-Flo can bring!  Our unique design means that even when triggered Nova-Flo self-intuitively resets when the taps are turned to the closed position.  No change of behaviour is required – the user doesn’t even need to know it’s installed.  
What about my kitchen sink and washroom basin?
Nova-Flo can be used to protect sinks and basins providing they have a separate overflow.  Contact our helpline on 01608 811707 for further details