Nova-Flo Launch Fixing Pack

March 23, 2022

To make installation of Nova-Flo as straight-forward as possible we have introduced a range of fixing packs, which provide everything an installer needs to fit a Nova-Flo unit in accordance with our recommendations (with the exception of a length of 22mm pipework, which needs to be cut to size according to site requirements).

Each fixing pack comprises of four 22mm x ¾” hand-tighten tap connectors, to connect the upper port of each side valve to each tap, four 22mm pipe stiffeners and two 300mm flexible hoses, to connect the lower ports to the hot and cold-water supplies.

There are two variants of flexible hoses available.  Whilst each features a ¾” hand-tighten plastic female connector with wingnuts and a retained washer to connect to the Nova-Flo, one offers a 22mm compression fitting to connect to the existing pipework whereas the other offers a 22mm push-fit fitting to connect to the existing pipework.

For more detailed information, please click here to view our Nova-Flo Fixing Pack Instruction manual or call our helpline on 01608 811707.